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Discover the top five things to do in Addis Ababa

Discover the top five things to do in Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines carrying inure passengers than any other African carrier. Addis Ababa is now one of the most important gateways to the Africa continent. Far from solely a transit destination. the city has a multitude of attractions in its own right. including magnificent churches, globally renowned museum exhibits and grand palaces. It is also the perfect base from which to explore the country’s wider captivating landscapes and rich cultural history.

An important administrative center the city hosts several NGOs and major commercial and governmental organizations, including the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa(UNLCA).

The National Museum of Ethiopia

Housing treasured national collections encompassing paleontology. history and archaeology, ethnography and modem art, the museum’s most famous exhibit are Lucy, whose fossilized remains challenged conventional beliefs about the process of evolution.

A site of significant historical importance. Mount Entoto, the highest peak of the Entoto mountain range, rises 3200 meters above sea level, offering breathtaking views of Addis Ababa and the surrounding area. Accessible on foot or by taxi, an ideal excursion.


The sprawling outdoor Mercato market is thought to be the largest open-air marketplace in Attica. A beady blend of busting street traders. thronging traffic and tree-roaming livestock popular wares include spices, clothing, recycled goods, and handmade curios.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

The final resting place of countless figures of historical significance. including former Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife Empress Menen Asfaw this vast and impressive cathedral is the highest-ranking Fttiopinn Orthodox Tewishedlo cathedral in Addis Ababa.

Unity Park

Established in 2019, Unity Park is a new attraction located at the Grand Palace, a compound that has been a seat of state for more than a century Housing authentically restored historical buildings beautifully landscaped botanical gardens, and a zoo.

Friendship Park

The Addis Ababa Riverside Green Development Project, also called Beautifying Sheger, is a venture supported by the Ethiopian government and backed by Chinese government that expects to clean rivers and create public works in the capital city, Addis Ababa. It was launched in 2019 under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The venture will run along the waterways of Addis Ababa, creating green spaces beginning from Entoto to Akaki nearby the 56km waterway streams until they reach Akaki waste water treatment plant.